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Licensing Model

Collaboration Kit is licensed under the Vaadin Runtime License. You can try Collaboration Kit, and use it to develop applications without charge. When your application goes to production, though, you’ll need a valid license.

While your application is in development mode, you can use all of the features of Collaboration Kit without any restrictions. You don’t need a development license or a separate trial. Development mode is the default mode of a Vaadin application and is used when not configured explicitly for a production build.

To get started, follow the Quick Start Guide’s instructions to add Collaboration Kit to your Vaadin application, and to use its high-level APIs.

Billing Model

Collaboration Kit is billed at runtime, based on the number of unique users per month using collaboration features in an application. See the pricing page for the number of monthly end-users allowed under the free tier.

To move an application using Collaboration Kit into production, there are two options: a free universal license; or a commercial license. Each is described below.

Free Universal License

The universal license allows any developer to use the Collaboration Kit for free. It allows a limited number of unique users each month in a Vaadin application to use features that rely on Collaboration Kit. Developers aren’t required to have a commercial Vaadin subscription to use the universal license.

See the pricing page for the number of monthly end-users allowed under the free tier.

To download the universal license, click on the Production Configuration link in the margin here, and look for the Free Universal License File section.

Commercial License

A commercial license requires an active commercial Vaadin subscription. The commercial license allows an unlimited number of end-users to use Collaboration Kit features.

If you already have a commercial Vaadin subscription, contact Vaadin to request a license. Otherwise, visit the pricing page to buy a commercial Vaadin subscription.