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Hilla & Lit Quick Start

How to create and run a Hilla Lit application.

This brief page can help you to get started doing this, quickly.


Only two basic things are required, other than your usual equipment and tools:

  1. Node 18.0 or later.

  2. JDK 17 or later, for example, Eclipse Temurin JDK.

Creating a Hilla Project

You can create a new Hilla project with the Hilla CLI by executing the following from the command-line in your terminal:

npx @hilla/cli init --lit my-hilla-app

Creating with Basic Security

You can create a project with a basic security configuration by adding the --auth option to the command:

npx @hilla/cli init --lit --auth hilla-with-auth

Downloading a Project ZIP

Another option is to download a starter project as a ZIP and extract it:


Running a Hilla Project

Open a terminal in the created directory (i.e., my-hilla-app) and execute the following at the command-line to build the project with the built-in Maven wrapper:


Running this command builds both the front and backend. Once built, it opens your default web browser to http://localhost:8080.