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Hilla Guides

Application Architecture
An overview of the structure and architecture of a Hilla application.
Routing & Navigation
Learn all about defining routes and navigating between views.
A server-side Java endpoint is a backend method that’s exposed so to call it from client-side TypeScript code.
Reactive Endpoints
Reactive endpoints allow you to stream data to the client without the traditional HTTP request-response pattern.
Event Handling
Handling events in a Hilla application. Declarative event listeners and event objects in TypeScript.
State Management
Managing application state with the MobX state management library in Hilla.
Client Middleware
In Hilla, middleware intercepts the request and response for every call, so it’s able to process requests and their responses.
Client-Side Data Caching
Understanding when and how to cache client-side data.
How to add CSS styles to views and Lit components in Hilla applications.
The best practices for securing applications, configuring security, authentication and role-based access control for views.
Deploying to Production
Upgrading Early Hilla Versions
The steps to upgrade from Hilla 1.x or 2.x to the latest version.