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This tutorial series teaches you how to build, test, and deploy a modern web application from the ground up. You’ll learn to use Spring Boot and Vaadin.
Project Setup
Learn how to open and debug a Vaadin project in IntelliJ. Set up IntelliJ for better autocomplete support.
Creating a View
Flow uses an event-driven component model for building UIs. This tutorial covers the basics.
Creating a Component
Learn how to compose reusable components with basic layouts and components.
Accessing The Database
Learn how to connect a Vaadin Flow view to the backend through Spring Services.
Forms and Validation
Learn how to use Binder to bind a data object to input fields and validate input.
Handling View State
Learn how to communicate between components in Vaadin Flow.
Navigation and App Layout
Learn to set up a parent layout and navigate between child views.
Login and Authentication
Learn to set up Spring Security to restrict access to views in a Flow application.
Installation and offline (PWA)
Learn how to define a custom offline page and enable installation on supported devices.
Unit and Integration Testing
Learn how to run unit and integration tests on Vaadin Flow apps.
End-to-end testing
Learn how to do full-stack tests on a Flow application using Vaadin TestBench.
Production Deployment
Learn how to prepare a Vaadin application for production and to deploy it on Azure.