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Updating Documentation from Vaadin

By default, the documentation project Git repository uses as its origin and the default documentation content is derived from it. The Vaadin documentation is actively maintained and you might occasionally want to pull updates from it to your own documentation. As the documentation is a Git repository, updates from the default upstream repository can be merged to your local branch with the following command:

git fetch && git merge origin/dsp -m "merge commit"

If everything goes well, that’s all it takes and you can redeploy the site with the new updates in place.

In case you’ve customized the documentation content to an extent that it has significantly diverged from the origin, you might encounter merge conflicts as you’re trying to pull updates. Resolving the conflicts, depending on the case, can be more or less straightforward. See instructions for addressing merge conflicts.

Excluding Files

If you want to hide some files or folders in the origin, rather than removing them, you can use the sparse-checkout feature in git to exclude them from the visible set of files. This way, you won’t run into merge conflicts while pulling updates if the upstream repository has changes to files you’ve hidden locally.

You can control the sparse-checkout setup by editing the .git/info/sparse-checkout file (see documentation) and then running the following command to refresh the local workspace:

git read-tree -m -u HEAD