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Getting Started with Vaadin Documentation

To make quick corrections or suggestions to the Vaadin Docs, click the GitHub link in the upper-right corner of any page to start making a contribution through GitHub and then do a pull request. You should pay note to the instructions and limitations for editing in GitHub.

A more flexible way is to use a local editor and tools.

The basic tasks for contributing to Vaadin documentation are:

  1. Install editing tools

  2. Clone the Docs Repository

  3. Edit documentation

  4. Make a pull request in GitHub

  5. Make possible fixes requested by reviewers

Clone the Docs Repository

The documentation is maintained in the repository.

Start by cloning the repository. You should clone it somewhere else in your file system and then create symbolic link to it as described later.

For example:

git clone -b latest

Then, open the folder or the pages you want to edit in your editor.