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Configuring Observability Kit

Instructions on how to configure Observability Kit and what are the default settings.

Instrumentation can be configured in the file that’s used with the Java agent.

Service Configuration

The service attributes are used to differentiate traces from different services or applications which might have many instances running simultaneously, for example, horizontally scaled services.

The service attributes are as follows:

  • is an attribute that’s used to distinguish a service by name.

    The default value is vaadin. This is the only attribute with a default value. It’s also the only one required.

  • service.namespace helps to distinguish a group of services.

  • helps to distinguish instances of the same service that exist at the same time.

    This must be unique for each instance of the same service.namespace, pair.

  • service.version Semantic Versioning string of the service version.

The attribute is configured using the property, either in the configuration file, as a system property, or as environment variable.

Add the following line to the file:

Other service attributes are configured using the otel.resource.attributes property, either in the configuration file, as a system property, or as environment variable. Multiple attributes are separated by commas.

Add the following line to the file:


For more information about service configuration, see the OpenTelemetry documentation.

Default OpenTelemetry Instrumentation

The custom distribution disables default OpenTelemetry instrumentation for Vaadin and servlets.

The default instrumentation is disabled because a single-page Vaadin application logging all requests wasn’t helpful and generated plenty of data. They were disabled to have control over which requests generate a trace.

The instrumentation modules that are disabled by default are:

  • jetty

  • servlet

  • tomcat

To enable any of these, add the following line to the file: