Vaadin 24.4 integrates with React, unifies Flow and Hilla development, and more!

24-25 October 2023, Frankfurt, Germany

Vaadin Create
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Meet the speakers of Vaadin Create who will help you discover the full potential of business app development and shape the next generation of web apps.

Vaadin Create Conference

Vaadin Create 2023 | Speaker Bios

Sami Ekblad
Developer Experience Lead, Vaadin
Sami, a pioneering member of the Vaadin team since 2000, has been crafting web applications and developing reusable components for Vaadin and various other web frameworks. He focuses on creating robust and efficient web development solutions and continues to contribute to open source and the evolution of Vaadin.
Marc Englund
Product Strategist, Vaadin
Marc is a long-time Vaadineer, carrying a Product Strategist card in his left jeans pocket. Lately, he has mostly been thinking about the new #FFS and other ways to make the developers’ day more enjoyable.
Steven Grandchamp
CEO, Vaadin
Steven is a builder and a coder who has been a technology leader for over 20 years. He deeply believes in the power of open source software to change the world and that commercial open-source software is the future of not only enterprise software development but software development as a whole.
Marcus Hellberg
VP of DevRel, Vaadin
Marcus is a long-time Java and web developer, always interested in learning new things. He's especially interested in modern web technologies and Java. Marcus loves teaching developers about cool new technologies and has presented at over 50 international conferences and user groups.
Juuso Kantonen
UX Team Lead, Vaadin
Juuso leads a team of UX experts at Vaadin. He strongly advocates for design systems and has a practical approach to design. Solving usability challenges with customers from various industries is what keeps Juuso ticking.
Tatu Lund
Head of Expertise, Vaadin
Tatu Lund has a lot of experience as a product manager in different industries. Now he is head of the team delivering Vaadin support and training services. You can follow him on Twitter - @ TatuLund
Simon Martinelli
CEO, 72 Services LLC
Simon Martinelli is the owner of 72 Services LLC and has been working as a software architect, developer, consultant, and trainer for 27 years, especially in the Java environment. Due to his commitment to the Vaadin/Hilla environment, he received the Vaadin Community Award. He regularly shares his knowledge in articles, speaks at international conferences, and writes his blog:
Tarek Oraby
Lead Product Manager, Vaadin
Tarek is a Lead Product Manager at Vaadin. His daily work is a blend of talking to users, planning, and overseeing the evolution of Vaadin Flow and Hilla, ensuring they consistently delight our developer community.
Rolf Smeds
Product Owner, Design System, Vaadin
Rolf manages the research and development work around Vaadin’s components and theming features. Originally a developer-turned-designer, Rolf is passionate about improving developer-designer collaboration through design systems.
Matti Tahvonen
Lead Developer Advocate, Vaadin
A Vaadin/OSS/Java dude working at developer relations. Resume with over two decades of experience with web apps in R&D, marketing & product management.
Joonas Lehtinen,
CPO, Vaadin
Joonas is the co-founder of Vaadin and wrote most of the original framework today called Flow. His ongoing passion is to simplify the development of beautiful user interfaces.
Ben Wilson
Product Manager, Modernization, Vaadin
Ben Wilson is passionate about automated application modernization and has over 20 years of experience leading a broad set of aspects ranging from R&D of transformation tooling products to project management of modernization projects in Fortune 5000 companies.
Leif Åstrand
VP of R&D, Vaadin
Leif takes care of anything related to product development at Vaadin, with a special focus on future-looking research topics, architecture, and ways of working.

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