Acceleration Kits

Enterprise-grade integrations for your web apps

The Acceleration Kits make it fast and easy to build key features and integrations into your Vaadin Flow-based business applications.

Acceleration Kits

Speed up your development

Our definition of modern business web applications includes security, reliability, and real-time collaboration while also providing a good experience for both the user and developer.

Our Acceleration Kits make it easy to implement these critical features across your Vaadin application portfolio and in new applications.

Quick to implement
All Kits ship with the necessary technical documentation and examples for a quick and successful implementation.
Easy to update
The Kits are a part of the Vaadin platform and stay up-to-date along your Vaadin version.
Supported by Vaadin
The content in the Kits is maintained by Vaadin to ensure they keep running smoothly in your applications. You can enlist our experts whenever you need help.
Integrated with leading providers
The Kits integrate with leading authentication and observability providers, such as Azure and NewRelic.

Meet the Kits

The Kits are developed and maintained by Vaadin. The current selection enables you to implement single sign-on, observability, real-time collaboration, blue/green deployments on clustered applications in Kubernetes and cloud environments, and gradual migration from Swing to Vaadin. 


Improve your application security with single sign-on authentication for your applications.

Observability Kit

Monitor your application performance in production and trace errors when they appear.

Swing Kit

Modernize your Swing applications step-by-step by seamlessly embedding Vaadin views into them.

Collaboration Kit

Implement real-time collaboration between your users, such as simultaneous editing or a chat.

Kubernetes Kit

Deploy, run, and scale Java apps in on-premises and cloud-based Kubernetes environments. 

Azure Cloud Kit
Deploy, run, and scale Java apps in on-premises and cloud-based Kubernetes environments.
Vaadin ultimate

Upgrade to Vaadin Ultimate

Vaadin Ultimate subscribers get access to all the Acceleration Kits. Ultimate subscribers also get access to new Kits as soon as they're launched.

The Kits are priced separately for Vaadin Prime subscribers.

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Acceleration Kits
Access all current and upcoming Acceleration Kits.
Unlimited seats option
Ensure a team of any size can develop with Vaadin.
Expert assistance
Have a personal Vaadin Mentor or our experts available for your project.
Extended maintenance
Receive up to 15 years of maintenance for your Vaadin version.

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