NOAA Is Powering NWS’s Decision Support Services With Vaadin

NOAA logo on a light blue background

The National Weather Service of the US Federal Government is currently modernizing their Impact-based Decision Support System from an outdated and cumbersome technology to Vaadin 23. So far, the results have yielded an increase in developer productivity and more efficient development times.

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Browser window on a purple background.

Introducing UI Unit Testing with TestBench

Whether you’re testing your application manually or automatically, it’s important that you find looming errors before your users do. UI Unit Testing is a new feature of Vaadin TestBench that we released with the latest minor platform version, Vaadin 23.2. UI Unit Testing allows you to write unit ...
Document graphic with a check mark on the top-right corner displayed on a purple background.

Renewing the Vaadin License Checker

For those using one of our commercial products, you may have encountered the license validation window at some point: When you click on it or log in to to verify your identity, the system is notified that everything is okay, and it goes away, allowing you to continue building your app. ...
Jakarta EE, Spring Boot and the Vaadin logo displayed on a green background.

Jakarta EE is becoming mainstream – Get ready for Spring Boot 3 and Vaadin 24

TL;DR: The Java enterprise application ecosystem at large is making a backward-incompatible leap from the javax.* namespace into jakarta.*. To use next-generation application frameworks like Spring Boot 3 or Jakarta EE 9 compatible application servers, you'll need to use the soon-to-be-released ...
Vaadin logo on a blue background with text

Vaadin 23.2: Better than ever

It’s time for another minor release: New features, improvements, and more! So, upgrade to Vaadin 23.2 and enjoy the Multi-Select Combo Box component, browser-less testing with TestBench, auto-complete for web components in IntelliJ, and many other fixes and improvements. The previous minor release, ...
Graphic representing the navigation between items.

Try Vaadin 23.2 Beta for Improvements in View-to-View Navigation

Vaadin 23.2 is already available as a release candidate. Along with some UI component enhancements, it comes with a couple of noticeable improvements to the core framework, Vaadin Flow. The automated front-end bundling done by Vaadin becomes much faster as we swap from webpack to Vite. While that ...
Mobile phone widgets on a blue background.

Web apps vs Native mobile apps: Which one is better for you?

One of the first challenges in building an application is deciding which platforms to support. Native mobile apps offer great usability but are expensive to build. On the other hand, web apps work on all platforms but have traditionally been unable to deliver the same user experience as native ...
Life Support mental health

How Mental Health Check is saving lives with Vaadin

Enabling the right use of resources by building quickly and cost-effectively Sferion is a Calgary-based tech company that got its start building oil and gas software to enable digital transformation within natural resource industries. More recently, Sferion expanded into the medical field and is ...
A laptop widget with a Bluetooth sign in the center.

The Java Developer’s Approach to Web Bluetooth

The Web Bluetooth API is one of the interesting new technologies that the Google Chrome team has cooked up that further narrows the gap between web apps and “real” apps. It allows full access to Bluetooth devices straight from the browser. The ability to connect directly to various devices like ...
Blue background with paint brush icon in the middle.

Meet Breeze and Carbon: The two new theme add-ons available in Directory

Some development teams find writing their own CSS styles more interesting than others. We have created two theme add-ons to kickstart the visual customization of Vaadin 23 apps. Both themes can be used as they are or further customized to better fit your team’s needs. Carbon Theme for Vaadin 23 ...