Vaadin core is free and open source

Build on a solid foundation that scales from a hobby project to enterprise scale, all with the free Apache 2.0 license.


Fully featured development platform for your business application.
Flow & Hilla Frameworks
The foundation for your web application that scales from 0 to enterprise, whether you build your UI in Java or React.
Component Library
Extensive set of web components with world-class accessibility, aesthetics, and functionality that will impress your users.
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Figma library for components
  • Project creation and build tools
  • Collaboration Kit
  • Community support forum
  • Directory with 2000+ addons
Free & Open Source
Unlimited developers, systems, and users.

Accelerate time to market with commercial features

Our commercial plans build on top of the free Vaadin core: offering tools, components, and support to lower the total cost of your project and safeguard your application with up to 15 years of maintenance.


Accelerate your work with tools built for Vaadin.
/ month / developer


  • Copilot - Code-first UI design tool with theme editor and AI


Commercial features and tools to increase productivity
/ month / developer seat


  • Everything in Tools +
  • TestBench - End-to-end testing tools built for Vaadin
  • Designer drag & drop UI design tool for Flow


  • Charts - Interactive, animated visualizations for any kind of data
  • Board - Responsive layout quickly building dashboards
  • Grid Pro - Editable lazy loading data-grid
  • Spreadsheet - Interactive XLSX compatible spreadsheet
  • Map - Zoomable world map


  • -


Vaadin team will help accelerate your team.



  • Everything in Pro +


  • Everything in Pro +
  • Classic Components to help migrate from Vaadin 7 or 8
  • OSGi/Portlet support


  • 5 years of maintenance
  • Expert chat (unlimited)
  • Expert of Demand - Vaadin team helping you hands on (5h)
  • Bug fix prioritization


Everything Vaadin has, tailored for your needs.



  • Everything in Prime +
  • Modernization Toolkit for automated Swing & Vaadin 8 migration
  • AppSec Kit for automated vulnerability detection


  • Everything in Prime+
  • Acceleration kits for plug-n-play implementation of SSO, Observability, Kubernetes management, Azure Cloud management
  • Multi-platform Runtime for embedding old Vaadin versions
  • SwingKit for embedding Vaadin inside Swing applications


  • Everything in Prime+
  • Technical Success Manager
  • Expert of Demand - Vaadin team helping you hands on (80h)
  • Customized agreement
  • Legal indemnification

Additional support packages

Expert Chat
Unblock developers by having a hotline to the team that built Vaadin.
Expert on Demand
Access to Vaadin experts who will assist your team by advising, training, designing, and developing. Browse our offering in the Expert on Demand Catalog.
Vaadin Mentor
A named senior Vaadin expert mentoring and solving problems with your team at the cadence of your choosing.
Custom Builds
Get a custom Vaadin platform build tailored to your specific needs.
Extended Maintenance (15 years total), AppSec Kit, and Multi-Platform Runtime
Security and browser compatibility fixes for your applications after regular maintenance has ended. Vulnerability monitoring for dependencies. Furthermore, Multi-Platform Runtime allows running Vaadin 7 & 8 based views inside modern Vaadin versions.

Considering Vaadin for your business?

Book a session with a Vaadin expert to explore how Vaadin platform can accelerate your application development and how we can support your team.