Sebastian Dietrich

Field for entering JSR354 (including both amount and currency)


Parity Theme

Team Parttio

A Goldman Sachs Design System inspired theme for Vaadin


Auto Form Filler

Armando Perea - NOAA Affiliate

AutoFormFiller is a Java-based web application that uses Vaadin components and OpenAI GPT-3.5 (or provided AI webservice call) to automatically fill out forms based on user prompts.

Carousel Addon

Flowing Code

Add-on that renders a carousel component

StarPass theme for Vaadin

Team Parttio

StarPass theme

MapLibreGL }> add-on

Team Parttio

An extension to Vaadin that provides a Java API for MapLibreGL slippy map component with modern vector layer support.

Flow Viritin

Matti Tahvonen

The commons library for Vaadin 10+. Uploads, downloads, Geolocation, forms, fieds, fluent API...

Vaadin Spring

Vaadin Ltd

Use Spring dependency injection in your Vaadin application.

Vaadin Spring Boot

Vaadin Ltd

Spring Boot support for Vaadin applications.


Vaadin Ltd

UIUnitTest for Vaadin 8

Google Maps Addon

Flowing Code

Vaadin Flow add-on for Google Maps Web Component

VCF Keyboard Shortcut Manager Flow

Vaadin ComponentFactory

A modern library for managing keyboard shortcuts in a Vaadin application.

TinyMCE for Flow

Team Parttio

TinyMCE wrapper for Vaadin Flow (Vaadin 10+)

Grid Exporter Add-on

Flowing Code

Extension for exporting Vaadin's grid data to common formats

XTerm Console Addon

Flowing Code

Vaadin 14+ Java integration of xterm.js terminal emulator.

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