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Installing Vaadin Spreadsheet

You can download and install Spreadsheet from Vaadin Directory at as an installation package, or get it with Maven or Ivy. You can purchase the required CVAL license or get a free trial key from Vaadin Directory or subscribe to the Pro Tools at

Add-on installation is described in detail in "Using Vaadin Add-ons". The add-on includes both a widget set and a theme, so you need to compile the widget sets and themes in your project.

Installing Dependencies

For Ivy Users

If you use the add-on in an Eclipse project created with the Vaadin Plugin for Eclipse, you can define an Ivy dependency to automatically download the library. Include the following declaration inside the dependencies section in the ivy.xml:

<dependency org="com.vaadin"
            conf="default->default" />

You can use the latest.release revision tag to always use the latest release or (preferably) specify a version by its version number. IvyDE should resolve the dependency immediately as you save the file. See "Installing Add-ons in Eclipse with Ivy" for further details.

For Maven Users

You can install Vaadin Spreadsheet in a Maven project by adding it as a dependency, you need to include the following dependency in the POM. The artifactId should be vaadin-spreadsheet.


You can use the LATEST version as shown above or (preferably) a specific version by its version number.

You also need to define the repository for the Vaadin add-ons under the <repositories> element:


Finally, you need to enable the widget set compilation in the POM, as described in "Enabling Widget Set Compilation", and compile it.

For Users Without Dependency Management Tools

Vaadin Spreadsheet is distributed as a Zip package that contains the Spreadsheet JAR, a JavaDoc JAR, license texts, and other documentation. You can download the Zip package from Vaadin Directory.

The vaadin-spreadsheet-<version>.jar, as well as all the dependency libraries in the lib folder, should be put in the WEB-INF/lib folder of the web application.

The vaadin-spreadsheet-<version>-sources.jar and vaadin-spreadsheet-<version>-javadoc.jar are development libraries that should not normally be deployed with the web application, so you should put them to a separate non-deployment folder. In Eclipse projects, this is usually a lib sub-folder in the project folder.

If you intend to use Vaadin TestBench for testing your Spreadsheet, you will benefit from the Vaadin Spreadsheet TestBench API libraries included in the testbench-api folder. They should be copied to a non-deployment library folder in the project.

Please see the README.html for more information about the package contents.

Installing a License Key

You need to install a license key before compiling the widget set. The license key is checked during widget set compilation, so you do not need it when deploying the application.

You can purchase Vaadin Spreadsheet or obtain a free trial key from the Vaadin Spreadsheet download page in Vaadin Directory. You need to register in Vaadin Directory to obtain the key.

See "Installing Commercial Vaadin Add-on Licence" for detailed instructions on obtaining and installing the license key.

Compiling the Widget Set

Compile the widget set as instructed in "Compiling the Project Widget Set". Widget set compilation should automatically update your project widget set to include the Spreadsheet widget set:

<inherits name="com.vaadin.addon.spreadsheet.Widgetset"/>

If you have set the widget set to be manually edited, you need to add the element yourself.

Compiling Theme

Compile the theme as instructed in "Compiling Sass Themes". If you compile in Eclipse or with Maven, the addons.scss file in your theme should be automatically updated to include the Spreadsheet theme:

@import "../../../VAADIN/addons/spreadsheet/spreadsheet.scss";
@mixin addons {
	 @include spreadsheet;

If you are compiling the theme otherwise, or the theme addons are not automatically updated for some reason, you need to add the statements yourself.

Importing the Demo

The Demo, illustrated in "Demo for Vaadin Spreadsheet" in the overview, showcases most of the functionality in Vaadin Spreadsheet. You can try out the demo online at or check the sources from the GitHub page.