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Vaadin Spreadsheet (version 1.2.0 or later) supports Vaadin Charts, making it possible to open Excel files with charts in them. To enable this feature, you need to add a vaadin-spreadsheet-charts dependency to your project. Here we assume that you have added Vaadin Spreadsheet add-on to your project. If you are using a dependency manager (Ivy or Maven), the Vaadin Charts dependency is added automatically. You also need to have both Vaadin Spreadsheet and Vaadin Charts licenses.

Installing Vaadin Spreadsheet Charts

You can add Spreadsheet Charts integration package in three different ways: using Maven, Ivy, or download a ZIP package from the Vaadin directory. The version of the vaadin-spreadsheet and vaadin-spreadsheet-charts dependencies should be the same.

For Maven Users

To add Vaadin Spreadsheet Charts integration in a Maven project, you need to include the following dependency in the POM. The artifactId should be vaadin-spreadsheet-charts.


You can use the LATEST version as shown above or (preferably) a specific version by its version number.

You also need to define the repository for the Vaadin add-ons under the <repositories> element:


Finally, you need to enable the widget set compilation in the POM, as described in "Enabling Widget Set Compilation", and compile it.

For Ivy Users

To add Vaadin Spreadsheet Charts integration in an Ivy project, you need to include the following declaration inside the dependencies section in the ivy.xml:

<dependency org="com.vaadin"
            conf="default->default" />

You can use the latest.release revision tag to always use the latest release or (preferably) specify a version by its version number. IvyDE should resolve the dependency immediately as you save the file. See "Installing Add-ons in Eclipse with Ivy" for further details.

For Users Without Dependency Management Tools

Vaadin Spreadsheet is distributed as a Zip package that contains the Spreadsheet Vaadin Spreadsheet Charts JAR, a JavaDoc JAR, license texts, and other documentation. You can download the Zip package from Vaadin Directory. Vaadin Charts Zip package should be also downloaded.

The vaadin-spreadsheet-charts-<version>.jar, vaadin-charts-<version>.jar, as well as all the dependency libraries in the lib folder, should be put in the WEB-INF/lib folder of the web application.

The vaadin-spreadsheet-charts-<version>-sources.jar and vaadin-spreadsheet-charts-<version>-javadoc.jar are development libraries that should not normally be deployed with the web application, so you should put them to a separate non-deployment folder. In Eclipse projects, this is usually a lib sub-folder in the project folder.

Installing a License Key

You need to install a license key for Vaadin Charts before compiling the widget set. The license key is checked during widget set compilation, so you do not need it when deploying the application.

You can purchase Vaadin Charts or obtain a free trial key from the Vaadin Charts download page in Vaadin Directory. You need to register in Vaadin Directory to obtain the key.

See "Installing Commercial Vaadin Add-on Licence" for detailed instructions on obtaining and installing the license key.

Compiling the Widget Set

Compile the widget set as instructed in "Compiling the Project Widget Set". Widget set compilation should automatically update your project widget set to include the Spreadsheet widget set:

<inherits name="com.vaadin.addon.spreadsheet.charts.AppWidgetSet"/>


The Vaadin Spreadsheet Charts integration package does not allow editing the chart. To change chart parameters such as type, categories, or legend inside the spreadsheet, you need to edit the original Excel file. Vaadin Charts integration allows changing the values of the data points in a chart. However, it does not allow changing the range of cells that are used for rendering the chart. Changing the position of charts within a spreadsheet is not supported. Vaadin charts are shown in the spreadsheet by default; you can disable showing them by using setChartsEnabled().

Spreadsheet spreadsheet = new Spreadsheet();