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Vaadin 8 is at End of Life

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V8 reached end of life on February 21, 2022

What happens to my V8 application?

After 5 years from its initial release, Vaadin 8 reached its end of life on February 21, 2022. The last free version under Apache 2 license was 8.14.3. Your Vaadin 8 application will continue to function as normal. However, you will no longer receive:
  • Critical security fixes and patches
  • Browser and JVM compatibility fixes
  • Feature updates
  • Bug fixes
Upgrade and thrive

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As part of Vaadin’s industry-leading commitment to stability, we offer a comprehensive suite of commercial tools, products and services to extend the life of existing applications and to simplify modernization projects.

Upgrade and thrive

Upgrade your application to Vaadin 23 and enjoy modern features, better performance and a simplified developer experience.

The upgrade takes up to 80% less effort and resources than a complete rewrite on a comparable platform, as you can reuse your architecture, concepts, development model, backend and data binding.

Open standards. Enterprise reliability.

We've rewritten our platform to demonstrate our commitment to providing enterprises with a long-term foundation they can rely on for all their web app development needs.

The current release ships with new features, such as the Design System and Collaboration Engine, and receives free support until March 2023.

Upgrade services

Thinking about upgrading?

We offer three ways to help get you started. Book a meeting with us if you are interested in any of the offerings.

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Modernization Assessment
Thinking about upgrading to Vaadin 23? Our thorough assessment ensures a migration within budget and with minimal downtime.
Classic Components
A set of UI components for easier upgrades from V7 and V8 to V23. Included in Prime and Ultimate subscriptions.
Extended maintenance
Need more time to analyze your options? We provide extended maintenance for your V8 app while you make your choice. Now available as an add-on for Vaadin Prime and Ultimate subscribers.
Upgrade Automation
A service where we refactor as much as 33% of your Vaadin 8 application onto Vaadin 23. Available as a service for Prime and Ultimate subscribers.
Success story

Happy customers who upgraded and never looked back

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Vaadin has helped us to build a product that is very easy to use for our clients. Vaadin, as well as MATE Development, are striving for simplicity and simplified solutions. Vaadin as a company was a huge help for us, and it has been great to work with you both as a company and with the product.

Matthias Heicke
CTO, Mate

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