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Charts 3 to Charts 4 Migration Guide


Charts 4 is using Vaadin Framework 8. Before migrating from Charts 3 to Charts 4, you need to migrate your application to Vaadin 8, see Vaadin Framework 8 migration guide.

Changes in Charts 4

Most of Vaadin Charts 3 API is compatible with Vaadin Charts 4.x. There are two main changes:

  • Methods that use Date were deprecated, use Instant instead.

  • ContainerDataSeries is deprecated, use DataProviderSeries instead, see "instructions".

Using Vaadin Charts compatibility package

During migration from Charts 3 to Charts 4 you may want to use ContainerDataSeries. To do that, add a dependency to the vaadin-charts-compatibility package:


Afterwards, change the import statement for ContainerDataSeries to:

import com.vaadin.v7.addon.charts.model.ContainerDataSeries;