Vaadin Start got a major update: A fresh look, new features, and an improved UX

Luis Lundstedt
Luis Lundstedt
On Oct 31, 2023 3:37:38 PM
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Discover what's new in Vaadin Start's latest update, featuring fresh light and dark theme options, streamlined project management, and more!

Fresh look and feel

Experience a fresh look and feel with Vaadin Start's latest update. Now, you can effortlessly switch between light and dark themes to match your preference. Plus, enjoy a more intuitive layout for your drag-and-drop components palette on the left side. The project settings have been moved to the ‘Export Project’ section, so you don’t need to worry about them until it’s time to download your project. 

Save your projects

Now, your custom projects are automatically saved when you start a new project, allowing you to continue your work later in Start. They’ll show up under ‘My Projects’ on the main page. Don't forget to register for a free account to keep track of your work effortlessly.

Psst! We also added an ‘Undo’ and ‘Redo’ option when working on your custom project, so you can confidently experiment and easily revert if you’re unhappy with the result.

Your custom Vaadin projects are automatically saved when you start a new project.

New popup views for a more intuitive experience

After starting a new project, you’ll find a popup with the option to name your project as well as choose the main layout of your application. When adding a new view, you’ll see a popup menu with the options to modify the icon, name, route, and view access.

Vaadin Start now includes new popup views for a more intuitive user experience.

Integrated starter projects downloader

Our Hello World project starters can now be found in Start; if you want to move straight to your IDE, choose your favorite stack to download a project quickly. We always recommend starting with the latest Vaadin or Hilla version.

All Vaadin Hello World project starters can now be found in Start.

Try it out and share your feedback with us!

Head over to and try out the new features. Let us know whether you like it and what you’d like to see next by clicking on the main menu in the top left corner and selecting ‘Send feedback.’ Your input drives our future developments!

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Luis Lundstedt
Luis Lundstedt
Luis works as a Product Manager at Vaadin. He's now focused on improving the user experience and onboarding and is contributing to making the Vaadin Design System the most accessible and best possible.
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