Vaadin 24.4: Introducing the code-first AI-powered UI editor and React seamlessly integrated into the Vaadin platform

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The Vaadin Pro subscription gives you tools for higher productivity, better code quality and improved usability in professional projects. Build and deploy your first project - or evaluate the full power of Vaadin with Pro.
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Web applications for businesses

While you can use Vaadin for any web app, our focus is on business apps. With a Pro subscription, you get your hands on powerful productivity tools and components for building data-intensive web apps. Want to get an idea of how the Pro subscription could speed up your project? Choose the 14 day free trial to test Vaadin Pro tools.

Comprehensive data visualization library

Vaadin Charts is the best data-visualization library for your applications. There are dozens of feature-rich chart types, from bar charts to complex financial charts. You can use Vaadin Charts with any web development stack, as it comes both with a Java API and an HTML API.

Productivity boost with drag-and-drop UI editor

Vaadin Designer is the fastest way to build UIs with Vaadin. With Designer, you get to create the component tree and positioning visually in the design canvas, saving time and effort, while you write the UI logic in your Java IDE.

Powerful automated UI testing

Simulate user interactions and automate your development, integration and acceptance testing with Vaadin TestBench. You can even automate visual testing with screenshot comparisons.
More shortcuts to productivity

Vaadin Pro components

With the requirements we have, Vaadin TestBench was a perfect fit for our needs. With it and the help we got from Vaadin, we were able to automate testing and even take test automation to new areas in our organisation.
Henrik Siiskonen
Henrik Siiskonen
Architect, If Insurance
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  • Compose UIs with drag and drop.
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  • Visualize data with beautiful graphs.
  • Build rich data-entry views.
  • Catch bugs in the UI logic.

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