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Using Vaadin with CDI

The Vaadin CDI add-on allows you to use Vaadin with CDI.

Adding Dependencies

The vaadin-cdi add-on should be packaged in your appplication and deployed to an application server that is compliant with Java EE 7 (or newer).

If you are a vaadin-platform user, add the following dependencies in your pom.xml.

Example CDI dependencies in pom.xml.



Vaadin Version Compatibility

The version for vaadin-cdi is managed by vaadin-bom. For Vaadin 14, the CDI add-on version is 11.0.

You need the CDI API version 1.2 and a provided implementation. In practice, because other Java EE/Jakarta EE features are used together with CDI, the simplest way to ensure compatibility is to use a Java EE 7 (or newer) container.

Configuring the Vaadin CDI Add-on

There are no specific CDI configuration options.

An instance of the CDI-enabled Vaadin servlet, com.vaadin.cdi.CdiVaadinServlet, is deployed automatically, provided you do not setup a Vaadin servlet in your web.xml or use the @WebServlet annotation. You can also customize CdiVaadinServlet to suit your setup.

See Runtime Configuration for more about about Vaadin servlet configuration.

Getting Started with CDI and Vaadin Tutorial

Vaadin CDI tutorial is a prebuilt example application that showcases basic usage of a Vaadin and CDI. You can use it to test the concepts and features covered in this documentation.

To start a new project with CDI and Vaadin, select the CDI and Java EE technology stack at This project template includes the necessary configuration and dependencies to start building you own application.