Sebastian Dietrich

Field for entering JSR354 (including both amount and currency)


Parity Theme

Team Parttio

A Goldman Sachs Design System inspired theme for Vaadin


Auto Form Filler

Armando Perea - NOAA Affiliate

AutoFormFiller is a Java-based web application that uses Vaadin components and OpenAI GPT-3.5 (or provided AI webservice call) to automatically fill out forms based on user prompts.

Enhanced Tabs Add-on

Flowing Code

Enhanced Tabs Add-on for Vaadin Flow

Date Range Picker

Vaadin ComponentFactory

This is a component to select a date range with single calendar popup.

Flow Viritin

Matti Tahvonen

The commons library for Vaadin 10+. Uploads, downloads, Geolocation, forms, fieds, fluent API...

Lookup Field

Vaadin ComponentFactory

The Lookup field component allows you to search a specific record


Tatu Lund

Tree component for Vaadin 24, Vaadin 23 and Vaadin 14


Tatu Lund

A bean populated html table component for Vaadin 24, 23.3.x and Vaadin 14.x backed by a dataprovider.


Vaadin ComponentFactory

ComboBox like component with hierarchical data.

Pdf Viewer

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Component for displaying PDF files in the browser

Svg Component

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Allows the creation of SVG elements from the server side


Miki Olsz

Localised number fields, positionable labels, form generator, collection/map field, server-side text selection, date pickers with date pattern, configurable select components (tabs, GridSelect and ItemGrid), multi-click button, a LazyLoad, a ComponentObserver and even an UnloadListener. Plus fluid API, good JavaDocs and general Java-friendliness.

Share Easy Add-on

Flowing Code

Easy social media sharing component.

Selection GridPro

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Selection Grid component for Grid Pro

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